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Our website takes a close look at all sorts of tarpaulins. Learn everything there is to know about PVC tarpaulin and consider it as a medium for your advertising purposes.

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Our company's key focus is tarpaulins with all its applications for freight lorries, trailers and advertising purposes. Our range of products includes TIR tarpaulins, sliding tarpaulins, industrial curtains, welding curtains, tarpaulins for tippers, and banners and covers, all of them custom-made. At Chanterie you will find all types of tarpaulins and accessories, many years of expertise in the sector and top service.
Our motto is: Top quality standard combined with quick response!

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Our design department will assist you with selecting prints and lettering, and with deciding on the layout and means of realisation: painting, inkjet, Scotchprint®, screen printing, digital printing and self-adhesive letters. All our applications can be implemented on freight lorries with tarpaulins or fixed structures, delivery vans and company cars, on covers, banners and billboards.


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Chanterie offers its clients a creative total solution combined with service and quality. Our products and approach is the ticket to help your company grow and to enhance its image.

Chanterie endeavours to provide full attention and support for all your new ideas by:

- Putting together all the right specifications for implementation.

- Communicating clearly with the client.

- Providing a detailed and concrete order confirmation.

- Offering a professional final design and/or re-doing of the current design.

- Doing away with redundant questions.

- Coming to clear understandings before implementing the assignment.

- Undertaking a commitment to a realistic deadline


Chanterie dekzeilen-bâches nv/sa
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